How to build a remote team

Some tips to do remote working

  1. Define and refine your company’s culture and put the company values and culture docs in a virtual handbook for new employees (and old) to access easily at all times. 
  2. Introduce remote workers to all their colleagues and ensure they have access to all the same tools and resources as they would have when in office. 
  3. Communicate using a variety of tools, apps, and media. Use chat apps as a sort of virtual water cooler and allow off-topic, informal conversations. For specifically work-related conversations, use a collaboration suite. Add video check-ins through Skype and Zoom, use these for weekly/bi-weekly meetings as well. 
  4. Remote workers are mostly invisible to you except telecommunication, so regularly measure their engagement and happiness. 
  5. Build healthy, rewarding habits for your whole team as part of your company’s culture and values: encourage free interaction with and by new members. Send positive messages through shoutouts for appreciation and send direct communication along the most productive channel, send the non-urgent messages through Slack. 
  6. Encourage remote workers to switch off communication channels for blocks of time for focused work and also to take regular breaks. 

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